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Product Description

Flat flex wire mesh conveyor belt

It is also known as trapezoidal mesh belt. Stainless steel flat flex mesh belt is made by mesh belt of top hardness by means of a unique mold urgent, the edge can also be driven by the chain.

 Material: Mainly adopts stainless steel wire of stainless steel 202, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti.

 Features: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, very good air flow performance, uniform tension, fine workmanship, versatile rotation, good stability, resistance to pressure, extended lifestyle and so on, width is fro 100mm-3500mm, typically with a equipment wheel push.

Specification for flat flex wire belt:

Variety Wire diameter Strands/foot Pitch Open up area Belt load / square ft (max) Belt edge
RNCB-one .035″ 72 1/8″ 77% 5 lbs Solitary / double loop edge
RNCB-two .05″ 72 one/8″ sixty seven.5% 1.5 lbs . Solitary loop edge
RNCB-3 .035″ fifty three 1/4″ 82.5% .35 pound Solitary / double loop edge
RNCB-four .05″ 27 1/2″ 86% .75 pound Single / double loop edge
RNCB-5 .05″ forty eight 1/4″ seventy seven.5% one pound One / double loop edge
RNCB-6 .05″ forty two 3/8″ eighty% 1 pound Single / double / C-shaped loop edge
RNCB-7 .062″ forty two three/8″ seventy five% two.25 pound Solitary / C-formed loop edge
RNCB-eight .082″ 32 three/8″ seventy five% ten lbs One / C-formed loop edge
RNCB-9 .072″ 24 one/2″ 82% 6 kilos Single / C-formed loop edge
RNCB-ten .092″ 24 1/2″ 78% 10 lbs Single / C-shaped loop edge
RNCB-11 .092″ 15 three/4″ 85% 8 lbs . Solitary / C-shaped loop edge
RNCB-twelve .062″ forty two 3/8″ 71% three.5 kilos Single / C-formed loop edge
RNCB-thirteen .082″ 32 three/8″ sixty seven% fifteen pounds One / C-shaped loop edge
RNCB-fourteen .072″ 24 1/2″ seventy four% thirteen.8 pounds Solitary / C-shaped loop edge
RNCB-fifteen .072″ 32 3/8″ seventy one% fifteen pounds Single / C-shaped loop edge


Make sure you notice below Parameters showed on the next picturewhen you question for a quotation:


1. Size and Width of Total Belts

two. Centre Pitch and Pitch

three. Loop Width and Wire Diameter

4. One Loop Edge or Double Loop Edges

5. Substance

Software: widely utilised in the electronics business, the solidification of the circuit board, solid fusion, drying, reflow soldering. Cap sector of plastic drying for chocolate, biscuits, fish baked, frozen and dry, with B network edge can be utilised in foodstuff industry chain generate

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Here are some benefits of chain drives in excess of belt and gear drives: They can be utilised for long and brief distances. Numerous axles, are driven by chains. They are compact and have a modest all round dimensions, so even in the celebration of a fire, you won’t expertise any poor problems. Temperature and ambient circumstances do not affect its operation. Chain drives do not need preliminary pressure. They are extremely successful (up to 96%) and have no slip and creep for the duration of transmission, guaranteeing a perfect gear ratio. Chain generate, effortless to set up. Chain drives are lower servicing, face up to abrasive situations and function in damp situations
This variety of chain is used in the initial levels of electricity transmission growth. When the sprocket moves nearer to or absent from the enamel, sound is designed as the teeth rub against the connecting rod. These varieties of chains are utilised to some extent for lower-pace conveyor chains.

China Best Sales Flat Flex Food Wire Mesh Chocolate Belt     near me manufacturer