China manufacturer Heat Resistant Non-Stick PTFE Food Industry Conveyor Belt with Good quality

Product Description

Product Description

one. Tortilla Press Belt

Product Description

Tortilla Press Belt is created of PTFE coated cloth tortilla grade. Our Tortilla push belt has been provided to provide the very best non stick abrasion resistance for tortilla creation. We ended up in a position to build a tortilla belt that still left small markings on the tortillas, ensuing in a minimization of tortillas getting a mark imprinted from the belt seam, decreasing waste and assisting our customer attain production targets. With our stringent top quality technique, we are able to supply constant, higher quality supplies for food applications.
Our Tortilla Press Belts is developed independently to meet up with the distinct software of the buyer. The tortilla belt employed in tortillas products is a harsh software simply because the grease/ oil articles is large and the principal dilemma with the PTFE tortilla belt is oil absorption and heat transfer. It is capable to fulfill the demands of customers with tortilla programs, merged with distinct coating weights, glass material buildings, laminations, belt thickness and added additives, we can advise the rugged tortilla press belt for your private software.


  1. Super smooth, non-adhere
  2. Non porous surface area for durability
  3. Substantial abrasion resistant
  4. Incredibly adaptable and resistant to cracking
  5. Oil & Grease Resistant
  6. Substantial temperature resistant
  7. Accessible up to 1500mm wide to go well with all programs


Tortilla Push Belt
Model Normal Size(mm) Whole Thickness(mm) Bodyweight
018-367 Tortilla 500 – 1000 .18   367 Brown/Blue/Maroon/Black
571-412 Tortilla 500 – 1000 .20 412 Brown/Blue/Maroon/Black
571-492 Tortilla 500 – 1500 .25  492 Brown/Blue/Maroon/Black
026-550 Tortilla 500 – 1500 .26   550 Brown/Blue/Maroon/Black
571-575 Tortilla 500 – 1500 .28 575 Brown/Blue/Maroon/Black
030-622 Tortilla five hundred – 1500 .30 622 Brown/Blue/Maroon/Black

2. PTFE Fusing Belts

Item Description

PTFE seamless/seam fusing device belts are especially engineered with the mechanical toughness required for the fusing and laminating industries. Its non-stick area, thermal transfer and large temperature resistance traits make certain the circulation of woven and non-woven supplies via the fusing and lamination approach. These belts are for fusing devices, these kinds of as Oshima, Kannegiesser, Meyer, Macpi, and several other individuals. 
It currently supply the adhering to 3 types of belts:
1. Seamless Fusing Belts means fusing belt CZPT any joint. It is made from woven fiberglass or Kevlar coated with PTFE resin. The seamless belts have a smooth surface area, exceptional antistatic result (black variation), long existence. It conquer the lack of standard fusing belts with joint.
two. Seam Fusing Belts means fusing belt with joint. It is the most typical fusing belts owing to its reduced price. Three joint methods are supplied as underneath:
Overlap Belt Joint: Overlap joints are a straightforward and effortless joint to use exactly where getting an even surface area is not crucial. This is the most popular seam simply because it is powerful inexpensive and simplest to create. The downside of the overlap seam is that it is not really clean and in some apps the seam may mark the substance being fused. In addition, simply because the overlap seam is much more than double the thickness of the rest of the belt it is slightly stiffer and suffers from early flex fatigue and really often breaks.
Scarfed Belt Joint: A scarf joint is equivalent the overlap but offer you a sleek transition for the solution to run supplying no lip for products to capture on. This is the smoothest, strongest, most flexible seam obtainable today. It resembles a thirty mm overlap seam but is considerably smoother and far more adaptable. There is no almost double thickness, as the mating surfaces are cautiously floor to a taper and securely welded.
Angled Belt Joint: This seam is reduce at a slight angle assisting the belt to roll effortlessly over the fusing machine rollers, reducing flex tiredness. The angle of the overlap can be different, so that the splice does not run in excess of the conveyor pulleys in 1 line. 45° and 70° are popular.
3. Laminated Fusing Belts also named 2 ply or double layer fusing belts. This belt use static-resistance varnished fabric inside of and tearing-resistance fiberglass fabric outside the house, 2ply belt has a wonderful improvement on its depth, prolonged using existence, nicely balanced thickness, excellent deflecting avoiding capacity, sleek floor, it really is greater for tremendous slim material fusing.


PTFE Fusing Belts
Regular   Thickness: .35~.40mm
Width:   twenty~1500mm
Perimeter:   (mm)
1360 1380 1440 1470 1510 1520 1530 1540 1550 1560
1580 1600 1640 1660 1680 1730 1740 1780 1820 1830
1840 1850 1870 1880 1950 2000 2040 2100 2230 2240
2250 2310 2320 2420 2440 2450 2500 2600 2630 2750
2800 2820 2850 2880 2900 3050 3080 3090 3200 3450
3540 3590 3820 3850 3890 3900 3920 3930 4200 4270
5100 5270 5400 5640 5800 6000 6440 6700    

three. PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belt

Merchandise Description

The open up mesh PTFE impregnated glass fiber belt can be supplied in brown, blue or black U.V. barrier coating for UV drying. Width of up to 5000mm wide, the fluorocarbon resin utilised in the curing procedure is chemically inert, woven glass substrate supplies outstanding power and dimensional stability. The mesh belt is utilised for screen printing, and the imprinting content is conveyed via the drying CZPT and the CZPT chamber. These belts are sturdy and perform nicely at a wide range of operating temperatures. We have developed a full assortment of open up mesh belt merchandise for belt dryers. These belts can be utilized for textile, foods, monitor printing, packaging, electronics, and other industries 


  1. Light-weight and strength efficiency for cost-effective procedure
  2. Exceptional temperature resistance (-170oC + 260oC)
  3. Low thermal mass
  4. Controlled porosity
  5. Superior non-adhere area, easy to clear
  6. Extraordinary toughness and dimensional steadiness
  7. Outstanding tracking

Specific Application

  1. Overlap splice
  2. Butt splice
  3. Alligator/Clipping splice
  4. Castellated Splice
  5. Bullnose Splice


  1. PTFE Film – PTFE film encapsulates the edge the help stop fraying and supply security. The gain to making use of movie is that it is soft in character and will extend with the belt when beneath stress.
  2. PTFE Coated Fiberglass – PTFE coated fiberglass edging can be used as a sturdier option to film and a very good choice if a tracking arm is used to detect the edge of the belt when coming in to speak to with it.
  3. PTFE Coated Kevlar – This is the most durable of the edging types and is a excellent selection when the edge of the belt will be in get in touch with with monitoring aids. It is also a excellent selection when considering making use of tracking studs of twine on the belt.


PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belt
Product Mesh Dimensions Content Thickness Bodyweight Max Width Colour
6001 1x1mm  fiberglass .75mm 560g/m² 4000mm Brown
6001 AS 1x1mm  fiberglass .75mm 560g/m² 4000mm Black
6004 4x4mm  fiberglass one.0mm 450g/m² 4000mm Brown
6004 AS 4x4mm  fiberglass one.0mm 450g/m² 4000mm Black
6004 Blue 4x4mm  fiberglass 1.0mm 490g/m² 4000mm Blue
6008 4x4mm  fiberglass one.0mm 600g/m² 4000mm Brown
6008 Blue 4x4mm  fiberglass 1.0mm 600g/m² 4000mm Blue
6008 AS 4x4mm  fiberglass 1.0mm 600g/m² 4000mm Black
6015 2×2.5mm  fiberglass .70mm 505g/m² 4000mm Brown
6015 AS 2×2.5mm  fiberglass .70mm 505g/m² 4000mm Black
6571 2×2.5mm  fiberglass 1.0mm 700g/m² 4000mm Brown
6571 Blue 2×2.5mm  fiberglass one.0mm 800g/m² 4000mm Blue
6571 AS 2×2.5mm  fiberglass 1.0mm 700g/m² 4000mm Black

four.PTFE Bag Sealing Belts

Item Description

PTFE bag sealing Belts is best for warmth transfer by way of the belt area, so it is the main seal materials for plastic baggage.


  1. Non-adhere PTFE surface
  2. Temperature resistance up to 260oc
  3. Cost-effective, light-weight and vitality successful


A huge amount of plastic bag producing techniques generally use these types of belts in general for a pair, ensuing in a clamping effect on the bag. These belts can also be located on air-stuffed or air-cushion packaging machines as a indicates of making it possible for continued warmth sealing CZPT adhering the adhesive to the belt.
Sealed belts are frequently 2 conveyor belts that work in collection on a conveyor belt with a sizzling plate that, when they are working, are in speak to with the inside of the belt. Warmth transfer by way of the belt floor to seal the plastic bag when it passes through the machine.

Traits and advantages 

one. Consisting of 2 layers of PTFE coated glass cloth laminated with each other, benefiting from the absence of any traces of traces in the joint area. 
2. The substantial-quality PTFE utilised in the manufacture of the belt has a non-stick, substantial temperature resistant floor to prevent any molten plastic from accumulating on the belt floor.

five. PTFE Carpet Conveyor Belts

Item Description

Carpet is a broad range of textile handles employed in commercial workplaces. They consist of twisted tufts, which can be natural wool or polyester and other guy-created materials.
PTFE Carpet belt, this warmth remedy composition of the mat can be applied to the comfortable and tough carpet backing.
PTFE coated glass fabric is warmth-resistant substance, with a heavy weaving framework, can be manufactured into a broadband to adapt to the device. Hefty glass fiber braid supplies dimensional balance across the belt surface.
As a result, the large weaving sample of the material has become a common function of the blanket backing.
The support is produced by distributing the heat stream asphalt to the area of the PTFE coated material tape. The leading layer is then laminated to the top of the asphalt and then bonded to the area as quickly as it is cooled. 
It offers a range of closed woven PTFE coated conveyor belts for the generation of carpet tiles and synthetic rubber support carpets.
These styles of belts are generally in the heavier ends of the materials we give, and have a textured floor that generates a bump on the area of the cured rubber. Despite the fact that the texture, the area has a easy non-stick PTFE floor. After the PTFE is coated, the porosity of the surface is usually tested with a dye penetration examination. The reduce the dye permeability, the far better the substance will be. 
PTFE carpet belts has various width and length, in some generation strains, the width can be from 1000mm broad to 3600mm, size up to 100mtr prolonged, allowing mass production. Belt is usually linked with the help of vulcanizing presses. This strategy enables the conclude consumer to flexibly adjust their belts, and if they select to do so, the minimal downtime is permitted if the belt is broken for the duration of the production run.


  1. No micro-pin-holes and micro-mud-cracks
  2. High tear resistance
  3. Excellent abrasion resistance
  4. Higher Temperature resistance


PVC backing carpet conveyor belt or release sheet,
Doorway pad baking   
Rubber curing


Design Regular Dimensions(mm) Overall Thickness(mm) Excess weight
070-1100 W Carpet one thousand-2700 .70 1100 White
070-1100 B Carpet one thousand-2700 .70 1100 Gentle Brown
085-1230 Carpet one thousand-2700 .85 1230 White
095-1385 Carpet 1000-2700 .ninety five 1385 White

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Company Profile

Started in 2013, Vichen is devoted to the development, creation and revenue of PTFE merchandise. The company’s major merchandise are series for non-adhere baking in kitchens. Such as all types of grill mats, oven liners, baking baskets, stove protectors, pizza plates, pizza pans, silicone mats, toaster baggage, pizza shovel, frying pan, silicone gloves, BBQ tongs, and so on., goods have handed LFGB and Fda certification.
Our products are greater than domestic counterparts, exported to Europe, The us, Western Europe, Australia and Japan.




Our Benefits

one.Lowest value among competitors.

2.Full certificate method. BSCI audited factory, Food and drug administration, PFOA Free certificates.

three.Huge shares. Rapidly shipping and delivery. (without tailored package, 3days. With custom-made package deal coloration box, 10days.)

4.Expert shipping expertise. fast shipping and delivery&expense saving&expert bundle. AMAZONE FBA Service avaliable.

5.Totally free Customized package deal design and printing. individual treatment,modest to medium qty OEM services. Expert artwork can be provided for version.


1. What certificate your goods have?
We have certificates of LFGB. Our manufacturing unit is BSCI audited.

two. What is MOQ?

three. Can we print our symbol in package deal?
Positive. Any sample can be tailored on the package.

4.You have any Amazon FBA support encounter?
Yes. We have ten-yr knowledge with Amazon clients

five. May possibly we consider samples? How much will you charge?
Certain. We can supply you with samples. Just spend freight to our paypal account
United states/West Euope/Australia USD30,South-East asia USD20.Other region, quotation separtely

six. How extended will it take to receive samples?
four-5days will make you acquire samples

seven. Do you take ESCROW payments or paypal for the complete purchase?
Yes. Also,we previously signed trade assurance settlement with Alibaba. You can acquire by means of our alibaba platform to enjoy your gain guarantee.

eight. How lengthy will it take to producer as soon as an purchase has been put?
Usually will be twenty-25days. For busy season,qty more than 5000pcs or specific shipping and delivery need you need to have, we will talk about individually


Chain pitch: refers to the length amongst the hinge centre of one chain url and the hinge center corresponding to the adjacent chain url. Sprocket Pitch Circle Diameter: The diameter of the circle the place the center of the hinge is when the chain is wrapped close to the ball. The hinge facilities of the chain and the circles drawn through these centers are named pitch circles, and their diameters are known as pitch circle diameters.These chains are utilised to constantly lift and convey content at a pace of 2 m/s. There are two types of conveyor chains: Detachable or hooked chains: This kind of conveyor chain is employed for power transmission between conveyors of shorter lengths. Shut chain: composed of the cylinder block and connecting rod, cast and formed, with large power after heat treatment method.
Find the roller chain at EP, which has a broader midsection plate to support have heavier masses on conveyor belts, wire rod machines, printing presses and many other industrial programs. Roller chains are totally interchangeable and pre-lubricated to help minimize elongation. Choose one or riveted chains with zinc and aluminum coatings to support prevent rust and chemical corrosion.

China manufacturer Heat Resistant Non-Stick PTFE Food Industry Conveyor Belt     with Good quality