China OEM Huge Size Customized 150*48cm FPC Flexible Circuit Board near me factory

Product Description

Name:Flex PCB fabrication and Flex PCB assembly

Suntek is a professional PCBA remedy company,specilizes in PCB production,components procurement,PCBA assembly and a collection support of wire harness and Box building.

We have substantial-experienced administration staff, knowledgeable R and D group and experienced workers and have advantaged source chain, motivation to high quality and dedication to our clients and services.
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Flex PCB capabilities:

Item title Circuit Board Flex Printed Pi Material Flexible Pcb
Supplies PI/PET
Kind  FPC
Layers 1-6
Concluded board proportions 10 x 15, 250 x 380mm
Concluded surface OSP/ENIG
Board thickness .057 to .6mm
Finished board thickness tolerance ±2 mils
Drill gap diameter .fifteen to 6.7mm
Production Essential Files gerber files
Minimal line space/width .1mm
Concluded by means of diameter .1mm (least)
Inner layer dielectric thickness .5715 to .1mm
Hole diameter tolerance of PTH ±2 mils
Hole diameter tolerance of NPTH ±1 mil
Gap placement tolerance (in comparison with Gerber info) ±1 mil

PCBA abilities:
one) SMT assembly such as BGA assembly
2) Accepted SMD chips: 57105, BGA, QFP, QFN, TSOP
three)Component height: .2-25mm
four)Min packing: 5711
5) Min distance amid BGA: .twenty five-2.0mm
six)Min BGA dimensions: .1-.63mm
7)Min QFP room: .35mm
eight) Min assembly dimension: (X) 50 * (Y) 30mm
9)Max assembly dimensions: (X): 350 * (Y) 550mm
ten) Pick-placement precision: ±0.01mm
eleven) Placement capability: 0805, 0603, 0402, 5711
twelve) High-pin depend push match obtainable
13)SMT capability per working day: 800,000 points

Benefits of PCB and PCB assembly:
one) Strict product liability, getting IPC-A-160 standard
two)Engineering pretreatment ahead of creation
three) Production approach manage (5ms)
4) 100% E-take a look at, one hundred% visible inspection, such as IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC
five) 100% AOI inspection, which includes X-ray, 3D microscope and ICT
six) High-voltage test, impedance control test
7)Microsection, soldering capability, thermal pressure test, shocking take a look at
8)In-home PCB production
nine) No bare minimum order amount and free of charge sample
10) Focus on lower to medium volume manufacturing
eleven)Quick and on-time shipping

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China OEM Huge Size Customized 150*48cm FPC Flexible Circuit Board     near me factory