China Professional New Century Csp1818 High Power Low Voltage Side Light Double Sided Signboard Light Box near me shop

Product Description


Why select SNLED

1. We have 8 many years of creating & production high-high quality led modules.

two. You will get a reply within 24 hrs

3. The strictly top quality control program

four. Make sure the regularity of every batch of orders, like the exact same bin shade temperature

five. OEM & ODM services



1. What is MOQ?

    We can assist you with any amount, which includes the samples buy.


two. Can I get cost-free samples?

    Sure, we are happy to send out you 1 type of sample or combined sorts of samples.


3. What is the shipping and delivery time?

    For our sizzling merchandise, we have in stock. Other items get around 5-7days.


4. How a lot of items of led modules can I link most by a led electricity provide?

    If the energy is supplied from a single end, Max. The amount is 1 chain.

    If the energy is equipped from each finishes, Max. The number is 2 chains.


five. Can I also purchase an LED Power source from you?

    Of course, we are a one particular-quit solution company of illuminated promoting indications, we can supply Mean Nicely led electricity source and other led transformers. 


six. How can I get the ideal resolution for channel letters or lightbox?

    You should advise your channel letters or lightbox size to our product sales, they will send you the greatest solution for illuminated indications within 24 hrs.

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China Professional New Century Csp1818 High Power Low Voltage Side Light Double Sided Signboard Light Box     near me shop