China supplier Flat Flex Wire Conveyor Belt for Drying/Splintering Furnaces/Baking/Heating with Hot selling

Merchandise Description

Flat Flex Conveyor Belt Description
Flat flex conveyor belt is also called Z-Kind bend conveyor belt, chocolate conveyor belt, ladder conveyor belt, interlaced wire conveyor belt or strip conveyor belt. It is an perfect wire conveyor belt for gentle products transfers and its huge open up spot makes it the most productive belt for many programs and processes.

Flat Flex Conveyor Belt Construction

Stainless Metal wire conveyor belt is created of SUS304 / 316 wire substance, formed by mould pressing, usually pushed by stainless steel or nylon sprockets, or by roller chains at 2 sides below particular programs. The width is from 150mm to 6000mm. It can be utilized for each straight managing and turning conveyors.

Flat flex conveyor belt can be supplied with PTFE coating to get a non-adhere floor.

Widespread conveyor belt edge finish is Single Loop, Double Loops can fortify the outside the house edge of the belt, and wire obtainable for double loops edge is from 1.0mm to 1.2mm.

Flat flex conveyor belt is also known as trapezoidal mesh belt. Stainless steel flat flex mesh belt is created by mesh belt of top hardness via a special mildew pressing, the edge can also be driven by the chain.

Stainless Steel Flat Flex Wire Belt have dependable performance especially in foods industry. With up to 86% open up surface area region, flat flex conveyor belts encourage highest stream by means of and are the verified answer for significant processors. Its style and cleanse in place functionality make it even easier to hold your line hygienic, and with many wire diameters and pitches to choose from, you’ll be in a position to find the proper belt for your software.

Flat flex conveyor belts are normally equipment transmission belt, with excellent ventilation advantages, rigidity evenly, fantastic workmanship, the flat flex belts with a flexible rotation, excellent security, Higher temperature, strain resistance, corrosion resistance, lengthy life and so on.

Flat flex conveyor belts are utilized with a solitary-layer framework, lighter, the use of sprocket travel. Big open location (opening 70-85%), frequently used in the lighter weight of the solution cooling, frying, baking, drying, heating, decoration, wrapped powder and packaging products. 

Gain Of Stainless Metal Flat Flex Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

one. Massive opening area, maximum maximum Air-Flow Increase Effectiveness
two. Fantastic workmanship, uniform pulling force, flexible running and good security
three. Higher resistance to chilly shrinkage, oxidation and fracture at adverse temperature and high temperature
four. Smallest diameter finish rolls and push rolls
five. non-slip positive generate
six. Reasonable design, compact composition, with a massive assortment of pitch and wire diameters to select
seven. hygienic style,effortless to cleanse,cleanse-in-spot capability,extended long lasting

one) Massive open spot up to 86%

2) Little transfers

three) Non-slip positive drive

four) Extremely minimal belt mass for enhanced running effectiveness

five) Exact tracking

six) Hygienic layout, effortless to thoroughly clean, clean-in-area functionality

Typical supplies Of Stainless Metal Flat Flex Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

one) AISI 314 (1150°C)
2) SUS 310S (1090°C)
three) SUS 330 (1150°C)
four) SUS 304 (870°C)
5) Super alloy Cr20Ni80 (1250°C)
6) Electrical CZPT wire
seven) SUS 321 (750°C)
8) SUS 410 (700°C)
9) SUS 430 (700°C)
10) A variety of metal materials as for each your requirements

Flat Flex Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt Requirements

Content SUS304/SUS316/SUS310 And so forth
Width 150 – 6000mm
Longitudinal Pitch 4 – 20 mm or customized
Wire Diameter 1. / 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.8 / 2. / 2.5 / 3.0 mm
Egde Single Loop / Double Loops
Typical Applications Drying, Enrobing, Battering, Cooking, Heating, Sieving And so forth

Typical purposes Of Stainless Steel Flat Flex Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

With solitary layer composition and mild fat, it is ideal for a lot of processes in which the item ought to have as little get in touch with with the conveyor belt as feasible, this kind of as:

Foods market: frequently utilised in mild weight products processing – frying, freezing, heating, cooling, cooking, drying, baking, coating, enrobing and sterilization for desserts, pizza, vegetables, bread, flour cakes, meat, fish, sweet, potatoes, biscuits, chocolate, nuts, fruit, and so on. Like chocolate enrobing, battering and breading, freezing for seafood processing, frying chickens, CZPT wafer after coating, pizza baking.

Electronics market: printed circuit board necessary least speak to assistance, melting, offered or drying welding.

Caps producing sector: drying for fall plastic

Other folks, like textiles, glass warmth therapy, printing and dyeing, radio, scientific research purposes.

Commonly used in the electronics market, the solidification of the circuit board, strong fusion, drying, reflow soldering. Cap industry of plastic drying for chocolate, biscuits, fish baked, frozen and dry, with B network edge can be utilized in meals sector chain push.

Application industry: mainly utilized in printing and dyeing, radio, digital, meals machinery and investigation models.

Stainless metal 304 steel flat flex utilised conveyor wire mesh belt conveyor techniques cost for pizza oven chocolate enrober bakery

Flat flex conveyor belts are mainly used  for fast-frozen food, fried foodstuff, sugar machine, chocolate coating with a selection of bread and pastry food baking conveyor line. Flat flex conveyor belts are employed in the foodstuff sector for the production of the following goods: tiny dessert, fish merchandise, pizza, vegetables, bread, flour, cakes, meat, sweet, potatoes, biscuits, chocolate, nuts and fruit.

1) Cooking
2) Heating
3) Cooling
4) Drying
five) Coating
6) Freezing
7) Enrobing
8) Frying
9) Baking
10) Dough rolling
eleven) Battering
twelve) Breading
thirteen) Sterilization
fourteen) Shrink-wrapping
fifteen) Soldering
sixteen) Shuttling
seventeen) Turning
18) Side shifting
19) Collating
twenty) Crumbing
21) Searing
22) Glazing
23) Sieving



Flat flex conveyor belts are utilised in several industries.The belts have a mild excess weight with solitary layer design and are positively pushed by sprockets. The belts have an open construction(70-eighty five%open)and are usually utilized in cooling, baking,draying heating,decorating,battering and packing devices for gentle products.

Flat flex belts are usually employed in conveyors for the foods industry for the production of: treats fish pizzas greens breadpastry -meat candy(tiny) potatoes biscuits chocolate nuts and fruits

two.Flat Flex Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt  Features:

  • Smooth area with various condition. 
  • Long using life .
  • Rust resistance .
  • Corrosion resistance is sturdy.
  • High energy, heat & erode- resistant.
  • The capacity of adaptable and enduring.
  • Permeability is effectively,not easy to out of form.



Identify:Flat flex conveyor belt



Wire diameter :1-3mm

General width:one hundred-4000mm

Unique specifications are available.

It can function with sprocket ,and we also can provide sprocket for you.

Sprocket dimension: keyway /keyway depth/bore diameter/overall diameter.

Flat Flex Conveyor Belt Packing And Shipping and delivery

All Flat Flex Conveyor Belts are checked by our QC Section just before offering to our consumers.

The atmosphere in which the roller chain is employed and the operate it performs will affect which roller chain is utilised and how frequently you will want to substitute it. Relaxation confident that roller chains are 1 of the most powerful and efficient choices for electrical power transmission and transportation applications. You will locate roller chains most generally utilised for mechanical electrical power transmission in industrial equipment and product conveyance all through production facilities. General Industries: Meals, Beverage, Components, Packaging, Automotive, Metals, Construction, Mining
Silent chain, also identified as inverted tooth chain. It is developed to remove the ill outcomes of stretching and create a peaceful stroll. As the chain is stretched and the pitch of the chain will increase, the radius that the chainrings vacation in excess of the sprocket tooth increases somewhat.

China supplier Flat Flex Wire Conveyor Belt for Drying/Splintering Furnaces/Baking/Heating     with Hot selling