Electric Safety Tools Insulation Boots Gloves Withstand Voltage Test Equipment

Electric Safety Tools Insulation Boots Gloves Withstand Voltage Test Equipment

CZPT Safety Instruments Insulation Boots Gloves Endure Voltage Test Tools

CZPT introduction

GDJS-sixty five  Insulated glove(boot) Take a look at established is special gear for batch test of insulated gloves(boots), which simplify test method, boost test pace and lessen examination toughness. This ensure test persons’ stability and recognize parameters of leakage current, insulation aging and frequency voltage reliably. It can check 6pcs insulated glove(boot) at the exact same time.

The unit integrate higher voltage energy with control technique. It contain the pursuing characteristics: Straightforward wiring and tests, dependable and realistic structure, practical moving, flexible dismounting, which is excellent merchandise for updated technology.

Manual handle device

  1. Electronic and actual time show HV voltage, LV present, six-way leak current and time.
  2. With leak present meter and in excess of-present security meter.
  3. With movable manage device, effortless wiring and tests.
  4. Guide control, safety and dependability.
  5. With zero, energy, procedure, timing indicators.
  6. With more than-existing protection, zero-start defense, audio and light-weight alarm, energy safeguarded change.
  7. New kind timer, broader timing assortment.(1s-99h)

Other attributes

  1. HV supply is oil immersed type testing transformer.(dry kind and SF6 gasoline type for selection.)
  2. It is ideal for screening insulation gloves(boots), 6-110kV insulation rod and six-110kV electroscope.
  3. To make test for insulation gloves and boots, the HV electrode is chain variety, which the peak can be adjusted. The material is stainless steel with CU/EpNi5bc painted, which make surface discharge<10pc. 6pcs insulation barrels are also supplied.
  4. The electrode of insulation boots is pink cooper voltage-sharing variety, the HV within the bottom of boots are equivalent distribution. 4mm steel balls provided, not employing standard way that injecting water.
  5. With insulation rod stand to make withstand voltage and leak test for insulation rod.
  6. With electroscope testing gadget to make commence voltage, in-section, out-phase interference take a look at for electroscope.
  7. With electrode for endure voltage and leak test of insulation mat and blanket.
  8. Manage device and HV unit are individual, to guarantee protection.
  9. If there is breakdown or above limitations, the HV output will be reduce off routinely and alarm.


Rated capacity 5kVA
Input voltage AC220V±10%, 50Hz±1
Output voltage -50kV
Voltage accuracy ≤ 2.%(F.S)
LV recent -25A
Leak existing -20.0mA
Resolution of leak recent .1mA
Current precision ≤1.5%
Timing selection -99h
Environmental temperature -20ºC-50ºC


Electric Safety Tools Insulation Boots Gloves Withstand Voltage Test Equipment